Meet Kim Tyler

Image Description: Kim, a white woman with chin-length dark hair and pink lipstick, stands in front of pink blooms on a bush. She is wearing a gray and black top with a black sweater and large beaded necklace.

I am inspired by colors, contrast, and the splendor of nature. I am primarily an acrylic landscape painter. However, I will branch out to other subjects and mediums, but I have always returned to interpreting beautiful skies, watery reflections, and majestic trees. Painting has been a hobby of mine for most of my life. I have had training in art both private and some classes, but it has been minimal and largely informal. I am legally blind, and my limited vision kept me from learning in the same visual way fully sighted artists are trained. Along with most of America in the 70’s, I would watch Bob Ross, William Alexander and others on television. TV worked well for me; I could get close to the screen and really see what the artists were doing with their hands, brushes, and knives. This planted a desire in me to be creative. Painting brings me personal satisfaction and joy.  I hope what I imagine I am able to convey in my work, and I pray others enjoy it too. 

I have a degree in Social Work from University of North Florida and an MSW from North Carolina Central University, and have worked as a Social Worker for the Blind in Orange and Durham Counties for the last six years.